Trust, Your Competitive Advantage
October 10, 2023
12 pm – 1 pm AST




Trust is the foundation of sales success. In high-trust relationships, the customer sees the seller as an advisor. Buyers answer questions, are forthright and share information freely—because they know the seller will use it to help them. Trust becomes a competitive advantage. This program will provide participants with a deeper appreciation of the value of trust as a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:
  • Earning trust (and the science that backs it)
  • The Trust Matrix
  • Understanding neuroscience and sales
  • Create a great Customer Engagement Model • Learn how to connect with questions
  • Become a great listener
Speaker’s Bio:

Scott Donald is the owner and president of SBD Growth Strategies, a firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals achieve more through a focus on coaching and leadership development.

As president of SBD, Scott also serves as a senior partner with The Envision Group and serves as an entrepreneur in residence

with North Forge Technology Exchange. Scott’s down-to-earth style and quick sense of humour allows participants to relax and have fun while learning important skills for success. He continually invests in his own continuous learning and networking to ensure he is at the forefront of key trends that can help his clients achieve more.