How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer?
September 26, 2023
9 am – 12 pm AST




As technical experts, engineers know how to deliver the appropriate solution. However, clients are buying more than just the logic and technical expertise. Clients buy from someone they trust. People buy from people. This program provides an approach to truly understand the job your client is trying to get done so that you are delivering what they really need in a way that builds value for their need. Interactive discussion, breakout rooms, and a fillable game plan are specifically designed for professional service firms.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to conduct customer research that is illuminating new insights and not just reinforcing current opinions
  • Learn the core elements of jobs-to-be-done theory to help understand customers’ needs
  • Develop an approach that can be applied regularly to stay on top of client trends using more than basic surveys
Speaker’s Bio:

Tim is a Fellow Certified Management Consultant with over 16 years of experience with large national firms and TK3 Consulting. In addition to conducting a wide range of client engagements on strategy development, marketing strategy, leadership development, and performance improvement initiatives, Tim has developed the material and taught a variety of university courses, and professional development programs for small consulting firms.

He also has an extensive background with the Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba Council (president, past
president, director-at-large) and with the National Board of CMC Canada (Manitoba council representative, director-at-large (currently in second two-year term), and currently Chair of National Growth Committee). Tim has also delivered several presentations to industry associations and leadership teams for a variety of organizations both in person and virtually.